Child Growth Checker

Child’s healthy growth is primary concern of every mother and father. With our growth checker it’s easy to check how your boy or girl is growing.

From birth to adulthood height and weight are the basic values that are followed by pediatrists all over the world. And for infants head circumference is also tracked. It may not look like much but these three figures can give rough estimate on how the child is growing and can also give early warning if something is going wrong. Nationwide growth data for infants, kids and youths are collected and assembled into child growth charts. However, these growth charts, data tables, growth percentiles and statistics are hard to read and navigate, so we made it simple :)

Child growth charts made easy



Date of birth


(e.g. 56cm or 1’10”)


(e.g. 4.1kg or 9.1lb or 9lb 2oz)

Head circumference

(e.g. 37cm or 1’2.5″)


One note before you push that button. Currently we have only US relevant data.

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Head circumference
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